Relocating to Greenville, SC

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Relocating to Greenville, SC

Why so many people are moving to South Carolina?

The pandemic inspired a lot of people to move from New York and California to other states across the nation — and it appears South Carolina is near the top of the list.

What’s going on?

An analysis from the United States Postal Service found that 8.93 million people moved since the pandemic began in March 2020. That’s about 94,000 more than the same time in 2019.

South Carolina came in number 2 in a recent list from Atlas that showed the states with the most inbound moves, too.

  • In fact, 66.4% of inbound moves are to South Carolina, which topped the nation, according to Atlas. South Carolina featured more inbound moves than North Carolina (64.6%), Maine (62.4%) and New Hampshire (61.6%), among other states.